The Skangsters

The Skangsters Are:
Wayne Hunt – Vocals
Rob Bruce – Vocals
Martyn Thompson – Sax
Tom Fennell – Trumpet
Sarah Murrin – Keyboards
Karl Murrin – Guitar
Steve Thompson – Bass
Gary Boyling – Drums
Adi Wooldridge – Percussion

The Skangsters – Feztival 2017

The Skangsters are an energetic and accomplished nine-piece band from Reading who present their own inimitable style of Ska, Reggae and Two Tone classics all guaranteed to make you wanna stomp your feet.

The main aim of The Skangsters when playing gigs is to ensure everyone is involved and enjoying themselves. It’s infectious, when the band strikes up and the front men strut their stuff no one within earshot will be able to control themselves foot tapping, stomping, clapping and singing along is all actively encouraged.

As a result they have received widespread recognition especially for keeping the real Ska sound alive. For those that haven’t seen them yet (yes there must be a few), they play mainly 60s and 70s Ska and reggae and NOT necessarily the most predictable tunes either. Though you can’t beat some of the popular classics such as One Step Beyond, The Israelites, Double Barrel (“I am the magnificent W-O-O-O”), Ghost Town, A Message To You Rudy and many more.
The sound is fat and authentic with some truly beautiful vocal harmonies, a solid rhythm section and spatial sax and trumpet.

With an extremely loyal following The Skangsters have played all across the UK at a wide variety of festivals, prestigious functions and live venues. Outside gigs are preferable otherwise you accept that there is a risk of the roof being blown off! You have been warned!

If you enjoy live music you will love The Skangsters, they truly are purveyors of Ska with attitude!

Credit – BBC Berkshire